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TESTIMONY FROM PUBLIC HEARING ON CARRIAGE HORSE BILLS - INTRO 658-A and  653-A at Council Chamber  - 2nd floor City Hall.    
January 30, 2009  (this is a work in progress as more testimonies get added.) 

Elizabeth Forel - discussion of ground swell for a ban; petitions signatures, paradigm shift

Holly Cheever, DVM - expert on equine issues including the carriage horse industry

Elaine S - discussion of blatant overcharging by carriage industry

Susan B - discussion of horse disposition and what really happens to the horses

Priscilla Feral - president of Friends of Animals asks if the horses need a union.

Donny Moss - how the industry lobbied the City Council not to look at the documentary Blinders: the truth behind the tradition

Ardele M - how  the "Irish " issue is a smoke screen for bad behavior

Dianne C - poem about a wild horse 

Santos L - Opposing Intro 653-A; industry should pay for water all year round   

Jill Weitz - challenges to the Consumer Affairs Committee on unions, insurance, overcharging

Mary Xanthos, DVM - discusses cruelty issues and spooking

Anne Muller League of Humane Voters - LOHV US   - addresses the Teamsters and union issue

Zoe Stolbun. -  discusses shameful traditions that have existed for too long

Pamela Goldsmith, Esq. - this is not testimony but instead a letter sent to CM Gennaro about his unprofessional behavior at the hearing.  

Kim M - talks about being a student of equine facilitated psychotherapy

Majorie Caruso - talks about inhumane conditions from the point of view of a life ling equestrian

Barbara F. - testimony faxed in - many  excellent issues addressed.

Debra W. - addresses the traffic issue and how it is impossible to do enforcement.

Jennifer Abrams  - addresses the innate nature of a horse and ethical considerations

Dr. Deborah T. - psychologist discusses the immoral lessons we teach our children

Robyn L. - discusses humane issue - including seeing them every day in traffic

Jo - disscusses how people who want a ban are the average person - neighbors, friends, corworkers - we are "everyone."  

Rita G - discusses the bogus job issue and how the industry has increased their workers by more than 100% 

Sandy Reynolds - discusses horse spooking and personal experience with horses

Rebecca Moore - discusses spooking and conditions under which horses work

Dena Allen - discusses lack of enforment of rules and regulations

Stephanie - discusses  public safety issues

Jill - on the connection between lack of daily turnout and colic, the leading cause of death in all horses

Joy Askew - rules, regulations, and lack of enforcement in the horse-drawn carriage industry. Neither the letter nor the spirit of the law is upheld.

Tracy Everitt - on overcharging tourists  (video)  and the fraud ignorned by our City officials.  Tourists Beware

Louis Gedo - on the overcharging of tourists, another indication that this industry is out of control

Emily Skalet - on the inhumane conditions in which the horses live, and the potentially disastrous consequences of having horses in traffic

Mary Culpepper - on horses and traffic: a combination that can be deadly for people as well as horses

Cat Mailander - on the many problems with having horse-drawn carriages in NYC: inhumane conditions, dangers to animals and public safety, poor oversight of the industry, tourists being overcharged.

Linda Brink / SunnySkies Sanctuary - on the dangers of horses spooking and the inevitability a human being killed

Dena Kalra - ... on the risks of a horse spooking in traffic--almost always deadly to a horse. Why does our city allow this outdated industry to continue?

Melissa - on why horse-drawn carriages don't belong in a traffic-congested urban environment such as New York City: having them is dangerous, inhumane and incomprehensible--and there is a lack of meaningful oversight.

Livi French - on the history of the present day carriage industry and getting the politics out of the industry

Maria Meringolo - on accidents, spooking and inhumane conditions.

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