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April 13, 2008  - Vol. # 3-17/81

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we need help on weekends

We need help on weekends when we table near Central Park. We are also looking for people to volunteer to collect signatures in Speaker Christine Quinn's district. On weekends we generally table from 12-4 and you may choose your schedule. If you can collect signatures in Quinn's district, you can do it at anytime. Please contact Rita, our volunteer coordinator, at   

If you live in Christine Quinn's district, which is mostly in Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea, please consider collecting signatures on our petition. We will supply you with the petition and a poster.

supports the carriage horse issue

Manhattan Mini Storage Manhattan Mini Storage, known for their provocative and progressive ads, has rolled out a campaign with the slogan "Save More Than Your Stuff ...". Manhattan Mini Storage will give away $200,000 by donating $25 to one of five charities when someone rents a storage facility. Our organization - The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages - was selected to benefit the carriage horses. The ad reads "help end cruelty to NYC carriage horses." 

When the industry found out about this ad campaign, they called Edison Properties, the parent organization of Manhattan Mini Storage, and left threatening phone messages - ending with "this is not a threat, it is a promise." It was reported to the police. These are the same wholesome family people who stole our sign-in sheets at the December 8th press conference and who followed and video taped us that same day as we were leaving to have lunch.

Look for this ad in subways, phone kiosks and bill boards. A flier of the ad was included in Val Paks that are mailed to households. Please let me know at if you should see the ad.

debuts in Dallas - tell your friends!

Tickets for the BLINDERS screening at the USA Film Festival in Dallas are now on sale. For more information and a list of the screenings in other cities, please go to the Blinders' web site.

The film has not been publicly screened in Manhattan yet, but when it does, we will be sure to let everyone know.

NY Times - April 11, 2008

Horse-and-Carriage Cruelty - To the Editor: In "Battling to Retain a Touch of the 19th Century" (Public Lives, April 4), you write of "healthy, happy, citified carriage horses," yet the A.S.P.C.A., the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which you call "the agency that polices the horse-and-carriage industry," now seeks to ban the industry from New York City. Why? Because oversight is obstructed by the industry itself. In December, a stable owner was arrested for attempting to bribe an undercover investigator to ignore violations on licenses and how they were displayed. Are the horses happy? Consider the audit released in September and covered in The Times. It found horses lacking water, forced to stand in their own waste or endure hot asphalt. And according to Newsweek, New York City has the highest carriage-horse accident rate in the country.

Second, a stable owner, Ian McKeever, claims, "We hold New York City's most important commodity in the palm of our hands: the tourist industry." But horse-drawn vehicles are outlawed in London, Paris, Toronto and Beijing, and those cities draw visitors aplenty. The coalition seeking a ban, which includes Friends of Animals, wants New York listed among cities that keep only the humane and respectful aspects of centuries past. Priscilla Feral President, Friends of Animals Darien, Conn., April 7, 2008

couldn't happen to a nicer politician.........

 Update on Speaker Christine: According to the NY Times, Quinn has hired a criminal attorney to represent her in federal and city investigations into Council spending practices. Quinn has an abysmal record - actually no record at all - on animal issues. She consistently has received a "0" on the League of Humane Voters score card. Her lack of action on Intro 658, the bill to ban horse-drawn carriages, has intimidated many council members into not taking action.

Our campaign is shifting its focus to Speaker Quinn. We ask that you do the following: 1.) write to her to ask that she support Intro 658. She needs to hear from all of you - not just people in her district. For her address, click here. Please do not send an e-mail. Snail mail letters are preferred. 2.) Volunteer to collect signatures in her district. We need to flood her office with pages and pages of signatures of people who want to end the cruel carriage horse industry.

the bill to ban horse-drawn carriages

HORSE IN BUS STOP To date - largely because of Speaker Christine Quinn and her allegiance to the horse-drawn carriage industry, only six Council Members are supporting Intro 658 - the bill to ban horse-drawn carriages. They are Carmen Del Arroyo, Tony Avella, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Rosie Mendez, Annabel Palma and David Yassky. If your Council Member is not listed, please contact them and ask them to support Intro 658. Find their address and phone number on the Council web site. If they have not made up their minds, ask them when they expect to do so; if they are opposed to it, ask them to send you a letter and put it in writing. And ask if you can meet with them. Phone calls or snail mail letters are preferred. We will gladly accompany you if you can set up a meeting.

David Yassky, council member from Brooklyn is sending out this short but to the point letter. "Dear Neighbor, Thank you for contacting my office regarding Int. 658, a bill which would outlaw horse-drawn cabs in the city. Using horses as entertainment in an environment where they do not belong is simply wrong. Allowing this practice to continue carries too much risk of inhumane treatment, with no appreciable benefit to our local economy. Again, thank you for contacting my office. I encourage you to write or email any time you see an issue that needs a city government response. Sincerely, Council Member David Yassky

at Harbour night after serious accident

BERMUDA SUN - Corporation bans horses and carriages MONDAY, APRIL 7: Horses and carriages have been banned from Harbour Nights. The Corporation of Hamilton announced today that horses and carriages will no longer be permitted on the streets of Hamilton near Harbour Nights activities. This comes after an incident last year when a horse and carriage broke free, injuring about 20 people. Mayor Sutherland Madeiros said: "After careful consideration of both the needs of visitors and issues of public safety, we have decided to ban horses and carriages from Harbour Nights. Although this has been a difficult decision to make, it is important that we consider the impact of last summer's tragic incident that took place at Harbour Nights and enact measures to help prevent a similar reoccurrence in the future." In the meantime, horses and carriages will permitted to operate during the daytime as normal, to provide visitor

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Thank you for caring about the horses, Elizabeth Forel - Coalition for NYC Animals, Inc. for the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages

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