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Susan B. - January 30, 2009      

My name is Susan B. and I am a member of the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages.  I am testifying today in support of Intro 658-A, the bill to end the horse-carriage trade in NYC, which has no place in 21st century NYC. I am also opposed to 653-A. 

There are over 200 carriage horses in this city.  According to information we received from the Department of Health, 34.8% or  69 horses - of the horses registered in August 2007  - were not on the rolls one year later.  This is typical.  In addition only 70 horses in the registry in October 2005 were still listed two years later.  Where did they all go?

The existing law is written in such a way to favor the industry and to shroud the disposition of the horses in a mystery.  There is no transparency.  The law reads   "a horse shall not be sold or disposed of except in a humane manner."  (NYC ADMINISTRATIVE CODE - TITLE 17 – HEALTH ; CHAPTER 3 – LICENSE PERMITS; SUBCHAPTER 3 - RENTAL HORSE LICENSING AND PROTECTION LAW; §  17-329  Disposition  of  licensed  horse) – but it does not provide a definition. 

The law requires that sale records be submitted to the Department of Health only  if the horse is sold in NYC.  If the horse is sold at auction in Pennsylvania, which is a likely – records are not required to be submitted.  Why is this?  The industry would like us to believe that they keep all the horses that no longer work.  But it is simply not economically feasible for this industry to absorb every horse they ever had. 

Some of the horses are undoubtedly retired to a nice life.  But it is also probable that many horses are sold at auction or to a broker for a quick buck so that a new one can be purchased.  Killer buyers who buy for slaughter houses are a staple of the auctions – Unidilla or New Holland  - and are ready to buy the used up horses.   The industry can say what they want about where these horses go  - but there must be proof and accountability. 

Unfortunately, the City if NY is culpable in this charade and does nothing to protect these horses from this cruel death. 


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