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Rita G.- January 30, 2009      

My name is Rita G..  I am from Astoria, and I am here to voice my support for Intro 658 – the bill to ban horse-drawn carriages.  I am opposed to Intro 653-A.      

In 1982, there were 141 registered carriage drivers.   In 1993 there were 296 drivers.  Now, in 2009, there are 324 drivers. That is an increase of more than 100% since 1982.  Yet the number of medallions – 68 – has stayed exactly the same.    

The industry claims that they have not had a raise for a long time and that costs have gone up.  So why is it then that they have also increased the number of drivers who compete with each other for business?  If there was no money to be made in the industry it's doubtful that so many would want to do it.     

I understand that no one wants to lose their job, but it is a mystery why this tiny industry, which for years has resisted any improvements, has held NYC politicians in their sway for so long.  Many New Yorkers want to see this industry go away. The results of a November 2007 WCBS TV poll indicated that 73% of respondents wanted to ban the industry.      

Additionally, NYC councilmember Dan Garodnick is proposing a bill that will phase out horse-drawn carriages, and replace them with electric cars (or eco-friendly horseless carriages).  Yet we hear that the industry is opposed to it.  The carriage industry in NYC has had a good run – but their time has run out and it is time to shut it down.

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