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Letter written by Pamela Goldsmith in response to CM Gennaro's inapproptiate  behavior at the hearing  - January 30, 2009      

Dear Mr. Gennaro:  

 I attended the Consumer Affairs Committee public hearing on January 30,
 2009, and was outraged at the comments you made.  Specifically, you chose
 to attack a member of The Association of the Bar of the City of New York's
 Legal Issues Pertaining to Animals Committee. Such attacks were
 unjustified, uniformed and revealed your lack of respect for, and
 knowledge of, the NYC Bar Association or its members.  It was evident
 that, as an ardent supporter of the Carriage Horse Industry, you lacked
 any credibility in your attack questioning and had a clear agenda in
 promoting false statements about the NYC Bar Association.

 Despite the member's testimony, you inaccurately suggested the NYC Bar
 Association comment and position supporting 658-A was the result of one or
 two individuals and not worthy of consideration.  Despite being a City
 Council member, you lack the most basic understanding and insight as to
 what the NYC Bar Association is, who its members are and what the process
 for issuing comments is.

 The NYC Bar Association was established in 1870 and has 23,000 members.
 There are 160 Committees, which shape policy and frame debate on pressing
 legal issues of the day affecting New Yorkers.  Thousands of policy
 comments and reports have been submitted by the various Committees and you
 are the only person who has ever suggested that such comments are the
 product of one or two individuals, rather than the position of the entire
 Committee and the NYC Bar Association. Your attacks are shameful and not
 becoming of a NYC Council Member.

 In addition to its 23,000 members,  there are thousands of New Yorkers who
 benefit from the services offered by the NYC Bar Association. It sponsors
 the Legal Referral Service and the City Bar Justice Center, which
 identifies legal concerns of New York's neediest.  I am sure these New
 Yorkers would not appreciate your attacks and, when learning of your
 statements, would not support your reelection this year.

 As a member of the NYC Bar Association, a trial litigator in NYC and a NYC
 resident (District 4), I am appalled at your performance at the Hearing.
 Your conduct clearly displays your lack of professionalism and clearly
 shows your lack of qualifications to be representing any district in NYC.
 I will make every effort to insure my fellow members learn of your conduct
 and statements at the Hearing.

 Very truly yours,

 Pamela Goldsmith

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