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Melissa  -  January 30, 2009     

 Good afternoon. Good afternoon.  My name Melissa  and I am here to testify in support of Council Member Avella's bill – Intro 658 to ban the carriage trade.   

Last week, we read about a horse spooking at the inauguration parade. Today, I've learned of another horse spooking accident last week—in Charleston, South Carolina.

What spooked this latest horse? A PUDDLE OF WATER, according to the Charleston carriage driver. No one was injured in this accident, but a driver at the same company WAS injured in a spooking accident last fall.

There is nothing unusual about news reports that describe carriage accidents that followed spooking accidents.

They are, in fact, predictable—because no horse is unspookable.

Having carriage horses in the middle New York City is inhumane, dangerous, and incomprehensible.

We learned from the 2007 city audit of the industry that city agencies have "dropped the ball" with respect to oversight … on such fundamental matters such as veterinary inspections, drinking water, and record-keeping.

Since that report came out, little, if anything has changed.

The audit, and the ongoing "business as usual" attitude, is disturbing.

It raises troublesome questions about why this CASH-ONLY industry is allowed to continue operating without meaningful oversight.

It makes us wonder whether the city is concerned about the public safety.

It displays a corporate lack of compassion for the animals—surely not a tourism message that is worthy of a world-class metropolis.

It endorses a disrespectful attitude toward consumers—mostly tourists—who cannot find out the true price of a ride.

The industry is irrelevant and outdated, and inhumane.


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