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Mary  Xanthos  -  January 30, 2009      

My name is Mary Xanthos, a veterinarian living on the UWS, and I am here to support Intro 658 to ban the carriage horse industry.  This industry poses grave dangers to both people and animals.  The midtown streets to and from the park the horses traverse daily are congested with dangerous vehicles including emergency vehicles which are often delayed in their life saving missions due to the slow moving carriages.       

Horses are prey animals by nature and therefore easily spooked.  Loud noises can cause a flee response which we have seen in the past have caused horses to rear out of control and injure and/or kill themselves and seriously injure innocent people.        

On numerous occasions, which I have documented with the ASPCA, I have witnessed gross violations on the part of certain carriage horse drivers such as making turns against red lights, making u turns in the middle of moving traffic, talking on cell phones and overloading customers in the carriages.   I have also witnessed certain drivers which in my professional opinion seem inexperienced and inhumane in their handling techniques especially when they try to make the horses back up.  There are so many violations witnessed regularly by me, that I believe neither the ASPCA nor the DOH can regulate this industry properly and it certainly cannot regulate itself.   

 NYC has much more to offer tourists than an out-dated, falsely romanticized notion which produces little revenue for the city and takes advantage of abused animals with broken spirits.  Can’t we take NYC into a more innovative and compassionate state by replacing horse drawn carriages with electric vehicles, such as those used in zoological parks?  This would allow drivers to make a living without posing a threat to others, be they human or animal.

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