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Cat Mailander .- January 30, 2009      

Good afternoon. Good afternoon. My name Cat Mailander and I am here to testify in support of Council Member Avella’s bill – Intro 658 to ban the carriage trade.

I am one of the many concerned citizens who could not help but take notice of the increasing number of accidents and deaths of horses in the last few years.

The death of Smoothie, who became frightened by the sound of drums and bolted from the park before hitting a tree and breaking her leg, is something I’ll never forget.

For many of us, that was a wake-up call that maybe things we’ve been taking for granted just aren’t as harmless as we wish they would be.

The traffic deaths of Spotty and others before him, and the 2008 death of Clancy, in his stable, add to a convincing body of evidence that a horse-drawn carriage industry does not belong in the midst of New York City.

That evidence includes the city audit, which detailed an unacceptable lack of adequate oversight and enforcement of existing regulations

It includes expert consensus that horses spook easily—and traffic is a prime trigger.

It includes our own experiences of walking along Central Park South and horse-drawn carriages making U-turns in heavy traffic.

And it includes the disturbing sight of seeing horses working in excruciatingly hot temperatures, in the summertime---or trotting on icy, snow roads in winter.

Major cities of the world are surpassing New York City in setting a humane example by banning horse-drawn carriages.

We need look no further than Toronto to see a city that is a shining example of a place that welcomes tourists and offers all manner of humane attractions.

NEW YORK CITY IS NO PLACE FOR HORSE-DRAWN CARRIAGES. A humane and environmentally friendly alternative can take its place, and thrive.


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