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Jennifer Abrams .- January 30, 2009      

My name is Jennifer Abrams.  I support Intro 658 and I am opposed to 653-A.     

Horses are prey animals, and they react to threat or fear by fleeing.  They also spook very easily.  When a horse is frightened, but is prevented from running away by being tied to a carriage, his only recourse is to fight.  We've seen many accidents on our streets as the result of this fight-or-flight reaction, and we’ve seen the damage a petrified horse can cause.  But we're asking for these tragedies to occur every day we bring horse carriages onto the street.    

These horses are not given the daily pasture time they need, to run and to interact with their fellow horses.  They are denied their innate "horseness."  So they end up with broken spirits, living unnatural and unbearable lives.  But one can never fully break a horse from his natural, instinctual reactions, so he will always be unpredictable and easily spooked.

Drivers and carriage horse owners may talk about how much they care for their horses, but when a horse can no longer work quickly they'll just buy another, so there's no reason to truly cherish their horse and treat him humanely.  This is made obvious by the tragically high turnover in the industry, the high percentage of carriage horses that, once past their carriage-pulling usefulness, are often sent to auction and, inevitably, to slaughter. 

I volunteer at the city animal shelter, and I see on a daily basis how disposable some people consider animals to be.  This does not bode well for the future of humanity – it is a short step from here to considering old, infirm, inconvenient, or badly behaved people to be disposable.  And in the short-term, this idea that people can throw away their animals is a burden on the city's resources and its budget.       

We will never have the capacity to respect our human brothers and sisters until we learn to respect all life, in its myriad forms.  Horse-drawn carriages are an entertainment, a frivolity, and are no longer necessary for transportation.  Anyone with respect for these majestic animals understands that this is no life for them, and their empty, dead eyes, their bruised and chaffed skin, and their broken disposition brings nothing but sadness and heartbreak to our otherwise beautiful city.

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