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Elaine S.- January 30, 2009      

My name is Elaine S.  and I live in Manhattan.   I am here in support of Intro 658 – the bill to ban horse-drawn carriages and to testify against  Intro 653-A because it does not make sense.  I will show you how the industry has already given themselves a hefty raise. 

The horse and carriage trade is crying poverty and lamenting that they have not had a raise in 20 years.  Officially – yes  – but as with everything else concerning this business, laws about rates are not enforced and the industry is charging what they want.    According to the law – Section 20-380 of the NYC administrative code, the rate is “thirty-four dollars for the  first half-hour or fraction and  ten  dollars for each additional fifteen  minutes thereafter. “

This is blatantly ignored by the drivers and the Department of Consumer Affairs, which looks the other way and has ignored complaints.   There is not only proof on video that the drivers consistently overcharge, but they also often charge unsuspecting tourists sales taxes, which is not required.  And to make it worse, it is a cash only business, so there are no exact records, which can be audited.  

Many of the companies advertise carriage rides online and most charge beyond what is legally allowed.  Links  are provided for your confirmation.   

One called “NY Tours”

advertises a 40 minute ride beginning at $104.95.  According to law, 40 minutes should be $44.  On Valentine’s day weekend, they up their prices to $178.95 – a whopping 400% increase over the legally allowed fee.   

Another called “Central Park Carriages”

charges $35 for a 20 minute ride and $85 for one hour.  The law is $34 for ½ hour and works out to  $54 for one hour – not $85.  !   This web site blatantly states that longer rides are negotiable and that prices may vary and are subject to change. 

Gotham Carriages  charges from $58 for a 25  minute ride to $98 for 40 minutes.

Manhattan Carriage Company   -   charges $40 for only 17 minutes and offers roses and champagne for the ride.  I wonder if they have a liquor license. 

And the list goes on with violations - with absolutely no oversight from the Department of Consumer Affairs. 

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