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Dena Allen - January 30, 2009      

My name is Dena Allen and I live in Brooklyn.   I am with the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages and I am here to speak in support of Intro. 658, the bill that would ban horse-drawn carriages.   

We've all heard the industry assertion that theirs is among the most heavily regulated of any industry.   All the rules in the world, however, are meaningless without enforcement.

And there is NOT a posse large enough in the universe—nor enough public funds—to impose order on this industry.   

As the ASPCA said in a recent news release: "The TRUTH is that many horses are subject to working in POOR CONDITIONS…and the LAWS that are supposed to be protecting these animals are not always enforced."    

That is an understatement.    

The 2007 audit of the industry made clear that the city agencies have dropped the ball with respect to the horses' care.   

The DEPARTMENTS of Health and Consumer Affairs share primary responsibility to licensing and oversight of the horses, drivers, carriages and stables.   

The AUDIT was critical of BOTH departments' efforts in those areas.   

The audit said BOTH agencies rely on VOLUNTARY inspections by the ASPCA… which has no formal agreement to perform those services.   

And for all intents and purposes, it DOESN'T.

The ASPCA utters barely a word about the industry and the lack of enforcement, thus effectively sanctioning bad behavior, including traffic violations.

The Parks Department and NYPD also have enforcement authority…but don't often exercise such authority with the drivers.

 This Wild West mentality has to stop.

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