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"They're violating the law now and the City of New York is doing nothing about it."  
Council Member Tony Avella at the January 30, 2009 hearing. 

How the NYC Carriage Industry overcharges and gets away with it... a lesson in fraud.

This is the law dictating the legal rate for a carriage ride:   
NYC Administrative Code, Title 20, Chapter 2 - Licenses, Subchapter 21 - Sight-Seeing Buses, Horse-Drawn Cabs and Drivers  
ยง  20-380 
Rates  of  horse  drawn  cabs. The amount to be charged and  collected for the use of a horse drawn cab by  one  or  more  passengers  shall  be  the total of the following items: thirty-four dollars for the  first half-hour or fraction, the fraction of the half-hour shall  be  at  the  passenger's  option,  and  ten  dollars for each additional fifteen  minutes thereafter.

The carriage industry overcharges.  There is no question about it.  They do so on the street and they do so on their commercial web sites.  The City Agencies, including the Department of Consumer Affairs, turns the other way.  They either cannot or will not enforce the law.    

It is the Wild Wild West at the hack line.  


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Overcharging Tourists

Driver Gone Wild

Testimony at City Council 1/30/09 hearing 

Council Member Tony Avella on rates 1/30/09 hearing     

Newspaper & Online  Accounts     
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Industry Websites that overcharge significantly and get away with it  
 New York Tours   - charges $125 to $173 for 40 minutes

Gotham Carriages - charges $58 for  25 minutes  up to $120 for 40 minutes

Manhattan Carriage Company - Charges $34 for 17 minutes, but does not list any other price; asks unsuspecting tourists to call

Kensington Stables - $90 for 40 minutes


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