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NIVEA BOYCOTT ... as of Valentine's Day 2/14/10

Nivea is a global skin and body-care brand, owned by German company Beirsdorf, which is located in Connecticut - USA.

On Valentine’s Day, NIVEA initiated a heartless campaign using NYC’s carriage horses.

nivea carriage horse

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Please send an e-mail  letter to the following people protesting this exploitation of NYC’s carriage horses and tell them you will BOYCOTT NIVEA.  Information below.    

PR firm – PMK-BNC:   Christina Stejskal, Maggie Katz
Executives at Beiersdorf, Inc. parent company of Nivea:   
Iain Holding-President   
Kathy Shea – COO   
Gary Sharpe – CFO   
Thomas Bellina - Treasurer  
Leslie Kickham – Nivea promotion

Please copy and paste these e-mail addresses in your e-mail letter,,,,,,

Subject line:  I will boycott NIVEA for NYC’s carriage horses

Sample letter:  (alter the words if you wish)

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing in response to the NIVEA advertising campaign promoting NYC carriage horse rides by offering  riders NIVEA "hug and kiss" kits.  

There has been an ongoing campaign in NYC to do away with this inherently inhumane industry and the bill to ban this cruel anachronistic practice is expected to be reintroduced soon.   So it is very disappointing that NIVEA would see fit to promote carriage rides on Valentine's Day 2/14/10 - especially referring to it as "hugs and kisses."  Many of the horses and carriages wore NIVEA signs.  But where's the love for these exploited, dispirited creatures?

Instead, NYC Carriage horses live in multi-storied warehouses on the far west side of Manhattan in upper story smalls too small for their size.  There is no opportunity for them to get daily pasture time.  They work nine hours a day, seven days a week with blinders,  stuck between the shafts of their carriages, mixing with heavy traffic, sucking up car exhaust.   The repetitive pounding of the hard pavement day in and day out often causes concussive injuries.  The water troughs in Central Park are turned off for half the year making access to water a challenge that is often not met.

Animal cruelty is not romantic.  It is a shame that a Company that  that promotes beauty does not realize this and instead promotes cruelty and exploitation.

I will not purchase NIVEA products any more and will tell others to do the same.  We are asking you for a public apology on your web site.  Telling us that the campaign is over is just not good enough.


 [your contact information]


Coalition To Ban
Horse-Drawn Carriages

A Committee of the Coalition For New York City Animals, Inc.

The Coalition for
NYC Animals, Inc.

P.O. Box 20247
Park West Station
New York, NY 10025


To honor
Bobby II Freedom
previously known as Billy
ID# 2873 rescued by the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages and Equine Advocates on June 25, 2010 from the New Holland auctions.

In memory of
Lilly Rose O'Reilly
previously known
as Dada ID# 2711
R.I.P.August, 2007