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Rock star joins move to ban carriage horses from New York

Rock singer Pink is supporting a ban of horse-drawn carriages in New York, and is in the city this week to debut her new billboard in Times Square, which urges tourists to "say 'no' to horse-drawn carriage rides."

The movement to ban horse-drawn carriages from the city is gaining momentum, with several welfare groups voicing their disapproval of the industry, and the introduction of legislation by New York City Council Member Tony Avella.

The three-story-tall Peta billboard featuring the Grammy Award winner is in Times Square, at 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue. It directs tourists to a special web page where theycan sign a petition to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in support of a bill that was recently introduced to ban horse-drawn carriages in New York City.

Peta said that veterinarians have shown that the horses get lung disease comparable to that of a heavy smoker from working every day in city traffic.

The ban on the industry continues to be championed by the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages, and its lobbying has been reinforced by a recent report from New York City’s Comptroller. 

"Every time I see a horse-drawn carriage in a concrete jungle, I point and yell 'animal cruelty' at the top of my lungs to try to make the driver and occupants as uncomfortable as possible," says Pink.

"It honestly hurts my heart when I think of what those horses must be feeling, as far as anxiety and fear, and how unnatural and wrong it is for these animals to have blinders on, trotting up and down on concrete, while taxis blare and people scream. It's absolutely unnatural and ignorant of us to continue this outdated tradition. What about this is romantic?"

Peta has released a short clip from the new documentary Blinders,  and has also pointed to number of accidents involving horse-drawn carriages. "Horses are often forced to labour in freezing and sweltering temperatures while walking on hard pavement, dodging cars, and inhaling exhaust fumes. After decades of controversy, it has become clear that additional rules and monitoring make no difference in the lives of these at-risk and dispirited animals. The only humane solution is a permanent ban on horse-drawn carriages," the animal welfare group said.

Peta is asking those concerned to sign a petition to support the ban on horse-drawn carriages in New York City. "We will send the petition to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the New York City Council to show that residents and tourists alike support the compassionate ban on horse-drawn carriages."

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