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Horse-drawn carriages were in high demand today in New York City. Dozens of tourists were competing for a ride. "I think the horse rides are really nice for New York City," said Ashley Troup. But down at City Hall, the mood was angry. Animal activists armed with alarming photographs surrounded a city councilman as he called for a total ban on the industry. "There have been more accidents, there have been more horses who have died or been put to sleep and the situation is only getting worse," said Queens Councilman Tony Avella. It was the latest shot in a war that's as old as the horse and carriages themselves. But after years of fighting to restrict this age-old industry, concerned animal rights activists are making a push to abolish it. "Every time a horse is killed, injured or beaten on New York City streets, PETA is inundated by calls from tourists and residents appalled that city officials still allow them to be on city streets," said Jannette Patterson. There are over 200 licensed carriage horses in the city, and the practice is heavily regulated by the city. But CBS 2 recently discovered poor conditions at one stable, and there have been scattered incidents of horses hurt or killed in traffic. Ian McKeever, who owns the Shamrock Stables, says the industry has an excellent safety record. He says the councilman, a mayoral candidate, is just looking for publicity. "He doesn't know the care I take of my horses," said McKeever. "He doesn't know I go home every night and tell stories of my horses to my three kids." It's not clear how much of a future this proposal has. Mayor Bloomberg supports this industry, saying it's part of what defines the city, but Avella says he'll introduce his bill to ban horse-drawn carriages on Wednesday.

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To Consider Ban On Horse Drawn Carriages - NEW YORK -- A city councilman wants to ban the horse-drawn carriages that clip-clop around Central Park -- a move strongly opposed by the city's carriage drivers. Queens Councilman Tony Avella said he will introduce a bill next Wednesday calling for a ban. He and animal rights advocates contend the horses are exposed to cruel conditions and are at risk of injury or death in city traffic. The move comes just months after a carriage horse died when he became spooked by sidewalk musicians and then darted into traffic. Animal advocates backing the plan include "Friends of Animals," who called the move to an carriages "overdue." But the Horse and Carriage Association is lashing back. The group is fighting to protect its industry and say the city's 220 licensed carriage horses are in excellent health. Group spokeswoman Carolyn Daly called Avella an "ill-formed, publicity-seeking opportunist." A carriage horse died in September after it was spooked by street musicians and bolted down Central Park South. It was the second such incident in less than two years. It is not clear how much support Avella's bill has in the 51-member council. And Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said that the horses are cared for and should remain a New York City fixture.

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A city councilman wants to put a stop to the horse-drawn carriages that clip-clop around Central Park. Queens Councilman Tony Avella says he will introduce a bill next Wednesday calling for a ban. He and animal rights advocates say the horses are exposed to cruel conditions and are at risk of injury or death in city traffic. Those allegations are being denied by carriage owners.

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A New York City councilman plans to introduce a bill that would ban horse-drawn carriages from Central Park. Councilman Tony Avella cited past examples of abuse and animal deaths. Fox 5's Andre Hepkins got reaction from New Yorkers and the carriage owners.

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