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May 5, 2006, 8:45 PM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) _ A horse pulling a carriage collided with a moving car at a Manhattan intersection on Friday evening, sending the car's driver to the hospital.

Police said the driver, who was alone in the car, was in stable condition. His hands were wounded, police said.

It was less clear what happened to the horse. Some witnesses said it had a gash near its neck, but police and a man at a stable where the animal was taken said it wasn't hurt.

Mike Clark, a building custodian, said he was looking out at West 45th Street from a window when he saw a white horse and carriage suddenly bolt down the street just as the light at 11th Avenue was about to turn red.

Clark, 44, said the horse narrowly missed a gray car before ramming into the driver's side door of a green Chevy Prizm. The car overturned and the horse tumbled before staggering back up, he said.

Lt. John Grimpel, a police department spokesman, said the horse was spooked by something, possibly the sound of a starting truck. He said police did not know who had the right of way.

Clark said the buggy driver, who police said was not hurt, put his hands on his head in shock before leading the horse back to a stable between 10th and 11th avenues. The car's front doors, windshield and hood were badly damaged.

The man at the nearby stable said the horse was fine but would not answer any other questions. Police said the accident did not appear to be a criminal matter.

In January, a horse pulling a carriage in midtown bolted, ran for blocks and collided with a station wagon. The carriage driver was critically injured. Michael Fagan, spokesman for St. Vincent's Hospital Manhattan, said the man was treated and eventually released.

That horse was severely wounded and euthanized.

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