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Washington Post

December 22, 2007

Put This New York Tradition Out to Pasture

Regarding the Dec. 17 news story "Bill Could Halt New York Carriage Horses": Who, besides those profiting from their labor, believes that horses belong on the bustling streets and parkways of New York City? As a visitor to the city, I know that at the end of a day, I feel battered, out of breath and wrung out. And that's from sightseeing! I see these horses sucking up exhaust fumes, plodding on the scorching asphalt and hauling loads of tourists who, shall we say, would benefit more by walking. The "tradition" is archaic and cruel, and its time is done.

PHILIP TRIPP Fort Erie, Ontario

Coalition To Ban
Horse-Drawn Carriages

A Committee of the Coalition For New York City Animals, Inc.

The Coalition for
NYC Animals, Inc.

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To honor
Bobby II Freedom
previously known as Billy
ID# 2873 rescued by the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages and Equine Advocates on June 25, 2010 from the New Holland auctions.

In memory of
Lilly Rose O'Reilly
previously known
as Dada ID# 2711
R.I.P.August, 2007