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Carriage horse ban is deadly  (pro industry letter)   
Councilman Tony Avella's bill to ban the carriage horses in Manhattan is actually condemning these beautiful animals to death. If the horses are banned, will they be put out to pasture? Of course not. The truth is these healthy working horses were originally bought at auction, which saved them from ending up as dog food or some other "product." If this ban is enacted, they will be back on the auction block, which is a lot more dangerous for these horses than working in New York City. --    

Ralph Martell, Staten Island.

A word of truth about the above subject matter - EF     
Intro 658, introduced in December 2007, would effectively ban the horse-drawn carriage industry in NYC. Part B -an addendum - will address humane disposition of the horses and will assure that every one is retired to a sanctuary or otherwise suitable home. The language of the bill is currently being drafted and is only allowed to be introduced after the first hearing. No such safeguard exists now. It is ironic how the industry is trying to spin the yarn that the horses will end up at the slaughter house.   

The reality is that this is a business - not a horse sanctuary - and many of these horses  go onto the auctions now. There is a huge turnover of horses in the business - something that the industry does  not address and something that would prevent them from finding homes for all of the horses they get rid of throughout the year. It simply does not make sense. They need a quick turn around - to sell the one who is old, tired or lame to get money to buy a new one -  and the auctions are the likely place to sell such a horse. Killer buyers frequent the auctions and can easily buy the rejected carriage horse.   

Furthermore - if any horse goes to the auctions / slaughter - it is the owner who brings him there. The horses do not go by themselves. The owner has the last word on the disposition of the horse.   

We are trying to change that.

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