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Letters & Editorials

Pity the horses

July 26, 2007 NY Daily News

Glen Oaks: Does New York City not claim a stellar standard of sophistication? Are New Yorkers not a compassionate people? How then, in the 21st century, can we justify the servitude of horses for the sole wretched reason of hauling human cargo? (All in the name of a tourist attraction?) How can we justify the misery of the horses' sad and dangerous days - in living and working conditions dispiriting and disgraceful?

- Judy Purcell

Kalamazoo, Mich.: Thank you for the article "Say neigh to carriage horses, activists cry" (July 12). Horses and traffic do not mix. This is 2007, not the 1800s. Horses do not stand a chance against fast, heavy cars. Also, the temperature extremes are dangerous to horses. I will not visit N.Y.C. until horses are off the streets.

- William McMullin

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