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Letters & Editorials

Take care of carriage horses

AM-NY - June 1, 2007

As the weather heats up, my thoughts turn to concerns for the voiceless New York City carriage horses.

Apart from everything else that seems deplorable about this business, I would like to bring attention to one regulation in particular which seems to illustrate the seeming impossibility of operating this industry humanely.

Supposedly, when the temperature reaches 90 degrees (not accounting for humidity levels) the horses are to be driven back to their stables, unharnessed and allowed to be driven back out when the temperature decreases. Their cramped stables are located in various out-of-the-way buildings on the far West Side of Manhattan, as far south as 38th Street.

When it reaches 90 degrees, these poor animals are forced to make undoubtedly the worst trip of their day, pulling their carriages through some of the heaviest traffic in the city, between Central Park South and their stables, only to face making the dreaded round trip a second time when they are driven back out. What is the sense in this?

-- Catherine Gore, Brooklyn

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