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Letters & Editorials

Horses Overheat, Too

July 28, 1999

To the Editor:

The New York City carriage horses mentioned in ''Weekend Heat Sets
Records and Pattern Is Expected to Continue'' (news article, July 26)
actually get little relief in hot, humid weather.

Although the law specifies that they must be taken off the streets when the temperature reaches 90 degrees, humidity and wind-chill factor are not considered. Even if the temperature is in the 80's, humidity can push the heat index
to more than 100 degrees, yet the horses are made to work.

Even when the horses are removed from the streets, their stuffy stables
provide questionable respite, and they have no place to exercise.

The laws governing carriage horses need to be revisited with an eye
toward improving the horses' quality of life.

New York, NY

The writer is the director of The Coalition for New York City Animals.

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