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Letters & Editorials

Carriage-Horse Bill Balances Humane and Business Interests

April 29, 1992

To the Editor:

"Carriage Horses: In Danger Again" (Topics of The Times, April 14), about
horse carriages on New York City streets, is quite misleading. The bill I
introduced, to amend Local Law 89, is an effort to balance humane and
safety interests with the small horse-carriage industry.

The amendment does not abolish the safeguards that were put into place --
the temperature restrictions that limit when the horses may work and the
restrictions not to allow drivers unlimited territory in which their
horses may roam. Time and place restrictions do exist. Contrary to your
view, I am not looking to "thrust" the horses back into a sea of traffic.

I believe there is a way to accomplish both the humane issue regarding
treatment of the horses and the safety of the people, as well as allowing
for the carriage industry to stay alive. The animal-rights activists and
people who oppose the amendment simply do not want to see any carriages
in the city at all.

Horse carriages have been a part of New York City for decades. There is
no need for the industry to be killed; a balance of interests is possible.

Chmn., Transportation Committee New York City Council New York, April 14, 1992

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