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Letters & Editorials

Time to Do Something About Carriage Horses

December 18, 1985

To the Editor:

The tragic carriage-horse accident in New York City on Dec. 8, in which a
horse was severely injured and had to be destroyed after colliding with a
limousine, demonstrates the need for legislation limiting horse-drawn

Two bills are being considered by the City Council. One, sponsored by Robert Dryfoos (Intro. No.610), would restrict horse-drawn cabs to Central Park. The other, sponsored by June Eisland at the request of Mayor Koch (Intro. No.1037), would require a training course for carriage drivers and an examination on horse care, handling and maintenance. The Eisland bill also prohibits horse-drawn cabs in midtown in peak traffic hours.

Both bills have merit. Drivers must be trained to handle the horses under
their control better and to give them more humane care. Both bills would
limit the carriages to areas where other large vehicles are prohibited or
restricted. The type, age and general health of the horses also needs
review and regulation.

The horse-drawn carriage has been thought of as a charming aspect of New
York City. But there is nothing charming about injured people, destroyed
vehicles and hurt and dead horses.

President, A.S.P.C.A.

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